Articles in the field of HR


What is especially worth paying attention to when planning your future in the research and development industry? Why isn’t your CV alone sufficient for tech companies to consider your candidacy?

How does the recruitment of specialists in companies belonging to the Photonics and Fiber Optics Cluster look like? If you are wondering what recruitment strategy to adopt and you are interested in the advice of representatives of companies operating in the innovation sector, see our new series of publications on HR.

Articles in the field of HR, prepared in cooperation with representatives of entities associated in the Photonics and Fiber Optics Cluster will be published on the website www.wprost.pl in the coming weeks. We will look at the key issues related to the recruitment of employees for the research and development sector, we will try to advise and prompt engineers planning their career path, we will ask specialists from our Cluster companies for guidance.

The first article in this series is now available. Monika Kazimierczak, specialist in educational projects, presents issues related to the search by companies for young specialists, or rather candidates for specialists. Why should tech companies educate young people and look for new Gates and Zuckenbergs? How to properly prepare for cooperation with schools and universities? Monika’s article answers these and many other questions. We encourage you to read:


We will keep you updated on the next articles in this series. From September, the CAREER tab will also be ready on our website, where current job offers of companies associated in the Cluster will appear regularly.

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