About the Cluster

About the Cluster

The idea of creating the Cluster was born at the time of the increased development of photonics in Poland, when representatives of several entities cooperating with each other in this field and at different levels of dependence noticed that more can be achieved together. Not only in terms of overcoming technological barriers or project implementation, but also in the area of running and developing business, dialogue with representatives of authorities or offices, as well as gaining a competitive advantage. As a result, the Photonics and Fiber Optics Cluster was established in November 2012 by the Polish Center for Photonics and Fiber Optics foundation, companies: InPhoTech Sp. z o. o., P.H. Elmat Sp. z o.o., CoMin Sp. z o.o.

Why did this happen? The originators and founders of the Cluster decided to take this step, noting in our country a significant potential in the field of optical fiber technology, the need to develop new solutions and the possibility of effective commercialization of native knowledge in order to stimulate traditional industries.

At the beginning, the cluster had in its CV:

  • valuable scientific achievements – Lublin is called the cradle of Polish optical fibers, the research team of the UMCS Optical Fiber Technology Laboratory had been producing optical fibers since the 1970s, in 1979, as a result of intensive work of scientists, the first Polish (and the fifth in Europe) fiber optic telecommunications line;the laboratory still operates successfully and implements innovative projects
  • international experience – in the companies from the Cluster there were engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs who had learned to work on technology transfer and implementation of industrial projects in the largest foreign companies and research institutes
  • specialized teams of people – each of the founders of the Cluster had had experience supported by successes in one or more scientific or business areas
  • understanding and the ability to cooperate effectively – the initiators of the Cluster have known each other for years, they started to develop Polish photonics together and they understand perfectly well what profits can be obtained from properly organized cooperation and how to stimulate the synergy effect by striving to achieve jointly set goals.

The Cluster is a real form of cooperation between research and development and implementation companies from the photonic industry, scientific units, consulting companies and business environment organizations supporting other entities from the Cluster in order to increase their competitiveness. Thanks to the use of the potential and strengths of the associated entities and determining their necessary needs on the way to further development, it is possible to achieve individual goals through joint action strengthening individual entities, and at the same time the entire Cluster, and thus the Polish photonic environment. The Cluster coordinator is one of the founding entities, the Polish Center for Photonics and Fiber Optics. The center conducts scientific, research and implementation activities in the field of optical fiber photonics as well as educational, training and consulting activities in order to create a strong Polish photonic sector and effective commercialization of Polish technological solutions.