Enterprises participating in the Cluster cooperate in the areas where it is possible to release the synergy effects of joint activities, including:

  • exchange of specialist know-how and employees within the Photonics and Fiber OpticsCluster
  • increasing the efficiency and production capacity
  • creating a friendly cooperation environment enabling accelerated development for new business entities operating in the field of photonics
  • creating an acceleration environment for new business entities operating in the innovative field of photonics
  • inviting further entities from the industry to cooperate, and at the same time increasing the cluster resources
  • implementation of joint projects
  • exchange of services on preferential terms

The basic condition for releasing the synergy effect is the readiness of all members of the Photonics and Fiber Optics Cluster to establish cooperation. Cooperating entrepreneurs gain new networks of contacts, access to a common base of skills, training needs as well as marketing and research and development activities.


  • support in searching for partners and establishing economic cooperation – access to new customers, new suppliers, new photonic technologies

    • we organize workshops and demonstrations of fiber optic technologies for industry!

  • access to advanced research infrastructure
  • the opportunity to participate in the largest conferences, congresses, fairs and exhibitions in Poland and abroad

    • we organize Polish exhibition pavilions at Polish and foreign trade fairs!

  • access to a wide range of human resources for an innovative industry

    • we create ordered faculties at universities
    • we cooperate with experts from many technical fields (including photonists, chemists, physicists, electronics, mechanics, programmers)
    • we organize apprenticeships and internships
    • we support in the recruitment process
    • our goal is to create the first Institute of Photonic Technologies!
    • we organize the Photonics Leader competition for the best master’s, bachelor’s and engineer’s theses!

  • the opportunity to participate on preferential terms in workshops and training, including the following scope:

    • fiber optic technology
    • intellectual property protection
    • EU funds
    • finance (especially related to R&D activities)
    • setting up and running a company

  • comprehensive support in conducting R&D activities, including in terms of:

    • intellectual property protection (100 patent procedures are conducted within the Cluster!)
    • innovation audits and analysis of development paths
    • partner acquisition
    • administrative, legal and financial issues
    • preparation and settlement of projects co-financed from EU funds
    • support in the recruitment of specialists
    • PR and marketing support

  • joint participation in projects and initiatives organized and co-organized by the Cluster
  • joint dialogue with representatives of the European Commission, State Administration and many other institutions