the Cluster

The idea of creating the Cluster was born at the time of the increased development of photonics in Poland, when representatives of several entities cooperating with each other in this field and at different levels of dependence noticed that more can be achieved together. Not only in terms of overcoming technological barriers or project implementation, but also in the area of running and developing business, dialogue with representatives of authorities or offices, as well as gaining a competitive advantage.

Polish Fiber Optics.
Discover breakthrough solutions

We encourage you to download our catalog “Polish Fiber Optics. Breakthrough innovations as a path to the development of a modern economy.”
The catalog is a comprehensive study presenting the potential of Polish optical fiber solutions and their impact on the development of industry. It was developed by scientists, specialists and entrepreneurs associated in the Photonics and Optical Fiber Cluster. We present important areas of the economy as well as specific solutions and products of Polish optical fiber photonics.


Consulting for companies

Consultancy for companies is our idea for business support for those who want to appear in the innovation sector, i.e. the area of research and development and new technologies. First of all, we will help you to distance yourself from the business situation and look at it from the point of view and through the prism of the experience of an external person who overcame various barriers to achieve the intended goals – and often make dreams come true, because the Cluster’s experts are enthusiasts…

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Training and educational activity

Knowledge is the key. We can help you open many doors and broaden the horizons of your employees, volunteers or … friends. We are not afraid of any challenges. We organize training sessions and workshops for organized groups and employee teams. We also attach great importance to the education of young people. Promoting photonics, transferring current knowledge, device demonstrations, classes and meetings in schools and universities is our mission.

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