Active support of the development of entities gathered in the cluster, creation of favorable conditions for conducting business activity and cooperation with external partners in order to create the optical photonics industry of the 21st century. Creating an innovation ecosystem for the development of companies in the photonic industry and the implementation of common goals of Cluster Members introducing the development of fiber optic photonics technology in all industry sectors


The Cluster of Photonics and Fiber Optics is an organization based on strong relationships, ultimately a leader in the country and in the world in the field of optical fiber photonics.

Cooperation of cluster members on the market and active support of their activities through the transfer of knowledge and technology, respecting the principles of good competition, within the framework of applicable law and acting in accordance with business ethics and social responsibility, which will lead to the creation of fiber optic photonics products present in every sector of the economy.


The aim of the Photonics and Fiber Optics Cluster is the development of photonics and optical fiber technology in Poland, conducting joint activities leading to the implementation and use of this technology in business, exchange of experience, taking joint initiatives and building a competitive advantage.