Consulting for companies

Consultancy for companies

Consultancy for companies is our idea for business support for those who want to appear in the innovation sector, i.e. the area of research and development and new technologies. First of all, we will help you to distance yourself from the business situation and look at it from the point of view and through the prism of the experience of an external person who overcame various barriers to achieve the intended goals – and often make dreams come true, because the Cluster’s experts are enthusiasts who deeply believe in the success of their ideas and solutions, they often fell and arose, paving new paths and looking for new solutions.

We offer consulting support in various areas, which are:

  • selection of innovative ideas
  • creating a strategy for the development and implementation of innovations
  • obtaining EU funds and project management
  • searching for partners for the implementation of R&D projects
  • intellectual property management, including: protection of intellectual property, research on the state-of-the-art research and patent purity
  • preparation of a financial model for the implemented innovation
  • organization of work, legal and administrative activities
  • acquisition and management of human resources, recruitment of specialists
  • innovation audits
  • public relations, media, domestic and foreign networking

We advise micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs from all over Poland, regardless of the industries in which they operate. Contact us, tell us about your ideas and needs, and we will offer you real support. We build an offer in response to the real needs of the client and in consultation with them, always before making a decision to cooperate, we always propose a meeting or online connection in order to present our vision of operation and clarify key issues.

What makes us stand out?

  • A collection of real experts with international experience in various areas of the broadly understood innovation sector
  • A collection of Polish companies specialized in providing services to entities from the innovation sector
  • Specialized ‘know-how’ in a key technological field in the world
  • Years of practice consisting in constantly overcoming technological barriers and effective implementation of challenges in the field of finance, administration, work organization or conducting research and projects
  • We know what confidentiality is and how to protect professional knowledge
  • People and their needs are important to us, we focus on understanding and mutual acceptance of actions
  • We look at all activities through the prism of a goal, we help to understand that it is worth knowing what is at the end of the chosen path
  • We are flexible, open to changes and our mission is to develop Polish technologies!

Interested? Write to us at biuro@klaster-fotoniki.pl, we will call you back!