Knowledge is the key. We can help you open many doors and broaden the horizons of your employees, volunteers or … friends. We are not afraid of any challenges. We organize training sessions and workshops for organized groups and employee teams. We also attach great importance to the education of young people. Promoting photonics, transferring current knowledge, device demonstrations, classes and meetings in schools and universities is our mission.

For clarity, we have divided this page:

  • those interested in specialized training in photonics or important areas of the innovation sector, we invite to the Training activities part
  • our educational program created and implemented by companies from our Cluster, addressed not only to schools and universities but also interested pupils and students is contained in the Educational activities part

We operate flexibly. So if you are interested in educating your employees, training for young people or any other maneuver, we also provide support. Write to biuro@klaster-fotoniki.pl, we will surely find a satisfactory solution!

Training activities

We are happy to organize a training session, workshop or presentation for you in the previously agreed scope. We want to know your goal and determine together what the satisfying results will be. So as to focus on the scientific, business and maybe other aspects. We will create a substantive program and choose a satisfactory form. We specialize in the areas listed below:

  • photonics – technology of the future
  • fiber optic technologies (aspects: scientific, business, historical, industrial)
  • protection of intellectual property
  • obtaining EU funds
  • conducting R&D activities
  • recruitment and human resource management in the area of R&D

The training sessions are conducted by experienced engineers, entrepreneurs, lecturers, executives and managers of companies and research units from our Cluster – people who have not only real knowledge, but also experience in its transfer. Our experts don’t train because they have to, they just like it. Still wondering? We remind you why you should take advantage of our offer:

What makes us stand out?

  • A collection of real experts with international experience in various areas of the broadly understood innovation sector
  • A collection of Polish companies specialized in providing services to entities from the innovation sector
  • Specialized ‘know-how’ in the key technological field in the world
  • Years of practice consisting in constantly overcoming technological barriers and effective implementation of challenges in the area of finance, administration, work organization or conducting research and projects
  • We know what confidentiality is and how to protect professional knowledge
  • People and their needs count for us, we focus on understanding and mutual acceptance of actions
  • We look at all activities through the prism of a goal, we help to understand that it is worth knowing what is at the end of the chosen path
  • We are flexible, open to changes and our mission is to develop Polish technologies!

Interested? Write to us at biuro@klaster-fotoniki.pl, we will call you back!

Educational activities

Photonics is still under development and this will continue for many years to come. We believe that with the right decisions and investment projects, as well as the cooperation of the native environment, in the near future the Polish potential will be properly used. Polish scientific achievements and professional knowledge are impressive. The coming years will bring the commercialization of knowledge and the implementation of Polish solutions. We are already thinking about the future. We train, educate, and become interested in state-of-the-art in technology knowledge in the field of photonics – a dynamically developing field in the area of new technologies.

We mobilize and activate representatives of our Cluster to participate in the construction of the Polish photonics educational program aimed primarily at school students. At present, we conduct a number of activities aimed at:

  • Secondary General Schools and Secondary Technical Schools
  • Universities
  • Individual students and groups of students
  • Individual students and groups of student (clubs, associations, etc.)
  • Teachers and educators

The activities undertaken as part of the Cluster include:

  • Scientific lectures in the field of photonics
  • Lectures and business presentations
  • Demonstrations of fiber optic technologies (devices, solutions, prototypes)
  • Workshops in industrial conditions for pupils and students
  • Information meetings of a recruitment nature
  • Conducting lessons in schools and colleges
  • Organization of apprenticeships and internships for both school students (winter breaks, holidays) and university students in companies and units from the Photonics and Optical Fiber Cluster
  • Selected educational initiatives and programs
  • Patronage over classes and students
  • Participation in various types of educational events: Open Doors, School Holidays, Meetings with business, Science Picnics, Science Competitions, Internship Programs and others
  • Supporting universities in organizing majors/specializations in photonics
  • Specialist training for teachers
  • Participation in the implementation doctoral programs

General Schools, Technical Schools, Universities

Interested general and technical schools as well as universities are encouraged to cooperate. Usually, we start cooperation with an initial meeting with the management and teachers, then with students in a selected form (lecture, presentation, workshop), depending on the needs of young people and the research unit. Then, with mutual willingness, we strive to establish a specific form of cooperation for a minimum of one school year and to formalize it in the form of, for example, an agreement. We go to some schools even a few times per school term, many of our apprentices already work in the photonic sector. What specific forms can cooperation between research units and our Cluster take? Here are some examples:

  • Systematic, formalized participation in the university internship program
  • Systematic organization of internships for a specific number of students from a given Faculty
  • Supporting universities in promoting the photonic specialization, providing internships for students of this specialization
  • Monthly internships for technical students in industrial conditions
  • Patronage over the science classes (scientific lectures, demonstrations, workshops, summer internships for the best students)
  • Systematic photonics lessons to expand science knowledge
  • Obligatory monthly internships for students of science departments
  • Business and recruitment meetings with students of science clubs
  • And many others

School and university students, teachers

We also encourage groups of school or university students, also individually, and of course teachers too. We are happy to support ambitious, committed people, ready to acquire photonic knowledge.

Why is it worth taking advantage of our educational offer? What are our advantages?

  • Specialized ‘know-how’ in a key technological field in the world
  • Classes are run by experts with international experience, often lecturers or teachers
  • We have modern, specialized photonic equipment
  • We broaden the horizons of young people, we show that they have many possibilities when deciding about their future
  • We always look at the needs of young people or research units with which we cooperate
  • We have an educational program coordinator who knows his job
  • Education is our mission, we approach lessons and meetings with young people with passion and experience

Our goal is to raise awareness of the potential of Polish photonics in future generations and to train a professional team of specialists in the field of photonics.